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Welcome to the crossroads of your career! The Career Change Readiness Index is a powerful tool designed to guide you, whether you’re looking to dive into a new industry or climb the ladder in your current profession.

Our approach goes beyond a mere skills assessment. We delve into the heart of your career drive: your inner motivations, your environment, and your readiness to adapt and evolve. We understand that a successful career transition isn’t simply about what you can do. It’s about what fuels your passion and the circumstances that shape your decisions.

Our unique assessment is rooted in Behavioural Science, giving you an encompassing view of your career trajectory. We explore not just your physical and psychological capacities, but also your social influences, habitual behaviors, and reflective processes.

The result? A tailor-made Career Readiness Report that not just reveals where you stand but also illuminates the path ahead. This isn’t just an evaluation; it’s your personal compass to future success.

The journey to your career transition begins with a 3-5 minutes investment. 

Why take the assessment?

Uncover your unique career transition blueprint

Understand the forces that could hinder or propel your career forward and get a clear projection of your success rate in transitioning to a new role or field.

Benchmark your progress

Compare your likelihood score with 500+ individuals who have shared the same career aspirations. Understand where you stand and how you can elevate your career game.

Identify your strengths and growth areas

Unveil your current career profile and the changes needed to progress in your career. Harness your strengths and address areas that require improvement.

Strategize your resources

Gain insights on the actions required to boost your success rate and learn how to allocate your energy and resources optimally to set your career growth in motion.

Receive personalized advice and resources

Understand the support you need from your surroundings, such as employers, mentors, or peers, to enhance your career growth. Get custom-made advice and guidance to reach your career goals.

Equip yourself with the right tools:

Get access to a variety of tools and resources from Career Shift to improve your likelihood score and further your career, providing you with the arsenal you need for success.

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The secret ingredients for a successful career shift

Did you know your personality is just one piece of the puzzle influencing your career behaviours?

Career Change Index incorporates 30+ variables to equip you with actionable insights. Here’s a glimpse of what we assess:

Career progression ABILITY

Gain a profound understanding of the steps and implications involved in a career change. Track your progress and ensure you're on the right trajectory.

Intrinsic MOTIVATION for Career Progression

Uncover the beliefs and motives propelling you towards your career goals. Prioritize this process over any competing habits or distractions.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORT for Career Progression

Recognize the resources and support systems crucial for your success. Develop an environment that fosters progress by identifying the right people, tools, and strategies.

Are you primed for career progression?

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Personal PROFILES associated with the test

Based on your results, you will be assigned one of three profiles that reflect your curent primary approach to career readiness.


Your profile can change over time based on your unique combination of drivers.


  • Motivators are driven individuals who possess the willpower to create the ideal conditions for both themselves and others to succeed.
  • They have the ability to influence their environment, create their own roles, find resources, seek knowledge and garner support to achieve their objectives. Although they require guidance to channel their energy towards the right direction, once they have a clear goal in mind, they can mobilize their own energy and that of others to achieve it.
  • Motivators prioritize the end goal rather than the journey itself. They are aware of their intrinsic reality, including their beliefs, bodies and emotions. While they understand the importance of the journey, they are more focused on achieving their desired outcome.


  • Builders are individuals who possess a passion for details and creating new things.
  • They take pleasure in building expertise and achieving mastery in specific areas.
  • As great problem solvers, they dedicate a significant amount of time identifying issues in their surroundings before resolving them. For builders, the focus is more on the process, steps and journey rather than the destination.
  • They understand abstract concepts and are especially interested in enhancing their position within a team, group or community.


  • Influencers are individuals who possess a deep understanding of how relationships and systems work in both the workplace and life.
  • They are focused on comprehending people and identifying opportunities, which allows them to quickly learn how to influence the systems to achieve their goals.
  • Even though they might not enjoy the organizational culture they’re in, they become adept at influencing them or discovering better ones in which they can evolve.
  • Influencers possess a higher understanding of social interaction and excel in obtaining the right support for achieving their goals.